Yoga Nidra


10 x 30-minute guided meditation

✔️ Lie back & listen. Nothing else to do.
✔️ I guide you through the body and the layers of your subconscious.
✔️ Best practised when awake but an incredible tool for getting you off to sleep.

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When you are in trauma, anxiety and overwhelm – all common responses to grief, it is hard to find any stillness and space in the mind.

Using a guided meditation enables you to follow “instructions” which keeps the mind focused on what will help rather than the busy mind.

Yoga Nidra holds immense benefits for all those who struggle to let go, those who suffer from lack of sleep, trauma, burn-out and anxiety. It is also highly beneficial and holds great healing power for anyone who wants to experience a deeper sense of peace and reconnect more profoundly with themselves.

I have chosen 10 of the live sessions I share on Saturday nights with my community of those who have been widowed – these sessions genuinely help in many ways. They are commonly used to find a way to sleep when all else fails.

I read from the scripts of various authors (Tamara Verma, Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Tracey Stanley) and have chosen 10 that I will invite deep relaxation to harmonise the deeper consciousness and awaken your inner potential.