DAWN & DUSK Yoga and Meditation Self-Care Set


This self-care pack is designed to introduce rituals supporting you through the toughest emotions and stressors that walk hand-in-hand with loss. Through consistent practice, you’ll find a deeper sense of peace and a profound reconnection with yourself.

In the face of overwhelming grief, anxiety, or daily stress, finding calm might seem impossible. One effective and holistic method? Shifting focus from the mind to the body. Being present, not letting thoughts race ahead or dwell on what can't be changed.

But how do you achieve this, especially when everything feels so overwhelming? In times of trauma or intense anxiety - common reactions to grief - finding stillness in the mind seems impossible.

There is a way.

Widowed since 2018, and using the practices that help not just me, but many others who are struggling with deep loss, let me guide you through mindful movement and meditation, anchoring your day with soothing, calming practices. They're short, making them more achievable for daily completion.

Start and end your day with hope and calm.

This carefully assembled collection features:

  • A 30-minute morning session comprising 20 minutes of gentle yoga and 10 minutes of empowering meditation, fostering self-compassion and love to gracefully begin your day.
  • An evening routine tailored for rest, including a 20-minute restorative yoga session to prepare your body for sleep.
  • A comforting 30-minute Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) to be enjoyed while lying in bed, soothing the mind into deep relaxation for tranquil slumber.
  • An introduction with additional tips on how to start and end your day when living with loss, anxiety and overwhelm