January for £1




A whole month of being a Moving Grief member in January for just £1!!! 

Moving Grief is an online membership full of people who get it – people who have been widowed and who understand exactly what you are going through. That shorthand of understanding is right there, no need to explain, no need to feel you shouldn’t laugh incase people think that means you are now fully ok – if only!

In Moving Grief, we soothe and calm the awful overwhelm and anxiety of such a painful loss, through the gentle, nurturing, somatic healing properties of yoga, meditation, breath-work and mindfulness. Together we chat, move and grow in mind, body and soul. 

In January we are embarking on a healing and super-fun and insightful journey of self-discovery, together we’ll share the highs, lows and laughs of how we are doing each week. 

Move with us?

x Orla