All 4 Workshops



13 x 30-minute sessions ✔️ A beautiful movement to begin each day. ✔️ Moving through the body with accessible asanas. ✔️ All levels of experience.


12 x 30-minute sessions ✔️ Nurturing asanas that open up a stressed and tired body. ✔️ Movement to inspire self-care and self-love. ✔️ All levels of yoga experience.


6 x 60-minute sessions ✔️ Floor-based practice (no getting up & down) that invites deep stillness into the body whilst reaching deep into the deep connective tissue layers of the body. ✔️ All levels of yoga experience.


10 x 30-minute guided meditation ✔️ Lie back & listen. Nothing else to do. ✔️ I guide you through the body and the layers of your subconscious. ✔️ Best practised when awake but an incredible tool for getting you off to sleep.


A 30-minute morning session comprising 20 minutes of gentle yoga and 10 minutes of empowering meditation ✔️ An evening routine tailored for rest, including a 20-minute restorative yoga session to prepare your body for sleep ✔️ 30-minute Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) ✔️ Additional tips on how to start and end your day when living with loss, anxiety and overwhelm