Moving Grief Membership

Through gentle healing movement, deeply relaxing mind resetting guided meditation and soul searching tools , we learn to move forward with our grief, to live life fully and with hope

woman meditating
woman meditating

How are you doing today?

woman meditating

You are feeling isolated, alone and unsupported.

Your family, friends and co-workers don’t understand how deeply your loss has impacted every aspect of your life.

Your body doesn’t feel like it is welcoming and a safe place anymore?

For the body to feel safe we need to notice what it is telling us to be able to tend to it.

You have no idea who you are without your person and don’t know where to start in this recovery of your self. 

Widowed since 2018, I’ve experienced it all — the shock, disbelief, overwhelming emotions, and the guilt of the would haves/should haves

 My loss made me explore parts of me that I didn’t know existed. I’ve changed for the better in many ways – grief and loss forced me into this position, but it’s what I did about it that has helped me and changed me in so many positive ways. 

Yoga and meditation gave me the grounding I so badly needed to soothe my nervous system. This kind and ancient practice also built my confidence and self belief, it helped me to find my voice – one that had always been too scared to speak up. I knew I had to share this with the widowed community. 

You’re not alone—I’ll be here to support you throughout your journey.

Is this you?

> Your body feels constantly stressed

> You have one or more of these – headaches, brain fog, exhaustion, rashes, underrating or overeating, lumps and bumps that weren’t there before – and each of these makes you terrified and fear the worst

> Anxiety, stress, overwhelm are your constant go-to’s

> Talk therapy has helped to a certain extent but you need more

> You do not feel connected to your self, to your body

> Frustration, irritation and anger are easily triggered

> You have heard that yoga, meditation and adjusting mind-set is very impactful for trauma and grief but have yet to experience or find a place where they are all encompassed together by a person who has the lived experience that you are going through

> You don’t feel heard or understood by your family or friends

There is so much that you will benefit from in the Moving Grief membership.

Physically through gentle yoga movement – I have developed my way of sharing this wonderful practice in a way that is soothing and healing to the grieving body and soul.

I have been sharing gentle mindful yoga, meditation and mindfulness with the widowed since 2021 and have discovered how to reach the places that we need to reach in our grief.


This membership provides a place for your grief to heard and understood but it is also about what do we do next. 

You know you cannot stay feeling stuck and overwhelmed and indecisive about how to live without your person, instead, you want to discover who you are, who you can be and how to find your strength, which is there within you, you simply need to discover how to draw it out and use it for your greater good. 

”     “

I can’t put into words the support Orla has given me she is truly an inspiration… so love her sessions and most of all her honesty in expressing our feelings she just gets it as she is on our widow journey too❤️

– Catherine R


What you can expect in this membership


We will meet 3 times per month for 90 nurturing minutes of –

– Gentle trauma releasing movement (no experience of yoga is needed)

– Breathing techniques to regulate the nervous system

– Deeply relaxing guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) which is well researched and documented for it’s incredible gentle strength to help with trauma and stress

– Discussion on the various challenges faced in widowhood and how we can adjust the mindset to enable us to not just survive, but to enjoy life, to live it fully and to thrive

– A very specific journaling style to help you clear the fog each day and help you see your purpose

– A program of Discovery – each month you will have new aspects of yourself to examine and discovery dates to try – the knowledge you will form about yourself will open up the world to you with a much better understanding of who you are NOW and what you need to find your joy and feel at ease as you travel in your journey forward

– We will check-in with one another around a common theme & have the opportunity to share how our grief is coming up that week


On the 4th week:

– This is a chance to catch up if you are falling behind on the Discovery Work. We sit together (virtually) with soft music, knowing we are in company, a drink in hand and gentle music playing – as you scribble down your thoughts and insights. This is such a beautiful relaxing meeting.





In Moving Grief you will:

* Embark on a transformative journey where profound shifts in mindset await you.

* Learn tools for calming the nervous system through movement and breathing techniques

* Ease the tension and trauma held into the body and be encouraged by the how good it feels to release this stress

* Experience the incredible impact of subtle adjustments in your thinking after just a few sessions.

* Connect with a community of like-minded individuals united by a shared goal. In this collective journey, healing unfolds through the power of connection. 

* Dive into the incredible gift of yoga, a practice that keeps on giving. No experience of yoga is needed – this is about somatic healing, not about difficult asanas,

* Feel the vibrant life-force energy thriving within your own body, unlocking a multitude of possibilities.

The loss of your person is life changing. Be with a community who gets it, with whom you   have that shorthand of understanding and acceptance, who knows you don’t just ‘move on’ after a certain amount of time, but it is about moving forward whilst holding your love and your grief.

I am so passionate about guiding you to finding your way forward. Experience the healing gift of yoga, meditation and an understanding community 

You’re not alone—I’ll be here to support you throughout your journey.

What you say...

” Just messaging you to say thank you for the yoga tonight. It was my first time joining with the new times as my children were fast asleep in bed. It is the first time I have moved with purpose and just for me in 3 months. I cried the whole time but in a way that felt right. I was sad at how stiff and cumbersome I had become but so relieved to finally cry. Not in the Eastenders style fashion I had been expecting but in a gentle peaceful way that feels really healing.”
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Wednesdays – 8.30pm – 10.00pm UK time (converts to 4.30pm ET, 1.30pm PT)


From my home to yours via Zoom


Investing in your wellbeing

Navigating your grief through the somatic therapy of gentle healing yoga, meditation, journaling and group discussion

£35 / $45 p/m

There is no tie-in to this membership. You can leave at any time. You pay by direct debit on a month to month basis. To leave, simply email: